Who Was The Marble King?

His name was Constantine Paleologos—also known as Constantine XI, the last emperor of Byzantine. Much like the olive oil he was so passionate about, he was pure of heart and revered for bringing people together.

In 1453, Constantine XI led the heavily outnumbered Byzantine army into battle against the Ottomans in an effort to save Constantinople. In the middle of a fierce swordfight, just as the emperor was to be overcome, an angel appeared and transformed Constantine to marble. The angle swept him away to safety, never to be seen again. According to legend, his marble statue remains hidden in a secret cave near the outskirts of modern-day Istanbul, waiting for the day he is to return to life and reclaim what rightfully belongs to him—and all the people of Hellas.  

The Marble King™ embodies all that is good: peace, wisdom, and honor. These virtues have become synonymous with the olive tree and Hellas itself.

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