Hellenic Olives

A superior olive oil selected from a well-balanced blend of the highest quality Hellenic olives, infused with the essence of the Aegean Sea, and praised for its remarkable flavor. Following the traditional craft of generations, this olive oil is hand-picked, cold-pressed, and left unfiltered to protect all the health benefits of natural, organic olive oil.

Koroneiki Olives

Koroneiki is a small olive, however, it delivers a healthy punch.  The Koroneiki olive has a very high level of polyphenols, the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.  Koroneiki has a robust fruity nose with a strong, peppery finish.

Manaki Olives

The variety of Manaki olive is grown mainly in the region of Argolis in the Peloponnesus.  It is considered to be one of the best and most recognizable Hellenic olive oils.  Its distinguished sweetness, its rich taste and soft texture offer an excellent flavor in cooking use.

Kalamata Olives

Real Kalamata olives are only found on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Hellas.  Growing under the Hellenic sunshine, Kalamata trees have much larger leaves and absorb more sunshine.  This gives their dark purple fruit a dense texture and a flavor some compare to fine wine.

Athenian Olives (Athinolia)

The Athinolia Olive is also known as Athenia’s gift and is one of the oldest and rarest Hellenic olive.  This variety is famous for its intense, aromatic and fruity scent.  The delightful olive oil it produces is of low acidity and excellent quality.

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